Monday, 5 March 2012

New Blog Site!

We Have Moved....

Hello again, It's Barry here. Clive is also here but not really offering a lot of input at the moment. He's too busy collecting and collaborating.

I've been monitoring this blog since I moved to the new site at  and I'm still seeing a number of visitors to this old & original blog. I'm urging you all to forget this old blog and bookmark the new one over at Brownhills Barry and Clayhanger Clive at Wordpress.

You can arrive over at the new site in a blink of an eye if you click on the link: the new Brownhills Blog

Hopefully you should arrive at the site and will be greeted with a view similar to the below image, depending on what the latest post is showing.

The best Brownhills Blog on the block - Created by Brownhills Barry and Clayhanger Clive.
Well, there you go people... not much left to say apart from stop reading this and get your browser clicking onto the new Brownhills Blog.

Please.... please feel free to contact me if you have anything interesting to share or have any requests, plus don't forget to bookmark the new blog!

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Here is just a few of the posts already on the new site;

- The Most Amazing Video And Glimpse At The Future!
- Highfield House... Gone!
- Highfield House... Going... Going... But Not Gone Yet!
- Sign Of The Times; Tesco Brownhills
- Point Of Sale Gone Crazy?
- Cold Snap And Growing Grit Mountains
- M6 Toll Road Built With Pulped Fiction
- M6 Toll Road Prices Set To Go Up Again

Brownhills Barry and Clayhanger Clive.

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